Gold Nugget 1 oz Proof Coin From the Perth Mint

Australia Gold Nugget Coin From the Perth MintHave you ever wondered how big was the largest gold nugget ever found? Me neither, however this question may come up one day in a trivial pursuit game so let me answer it for you 🙂 Feel free to buy Gold online at best forex broker Australia.

It was John Deason and Cornishman Richard Oates who found this gargantuan “Welcome Stranger” nugget, not by gold panning, but by digging two inches below the ground surface in Australia on the 5th of February, 1869. This nugget weighed 210 pounds and contained 2268 ounces of solid gold, which would be worth millions of pounds sterling in today’s pricing.

Though this amazing gold discovery was a 150 years ago, the Perth Mint based in sunny Perth have clearly not forgotten this historic discovery. Indeed they have released a 1 oz coin to commemorate the 25th anniversary of Australia’s official gold coin program, which features the “Welcome Stranger” nugget on the reverse design. Australia Gold Nugget Coin From the Perth Mint
This magnificent looking coin is struck from 1 ounce of 99.99% gold in proof quality, and like the Krugerrand in South Africa and the Sovereign in Great Britain, the gold nugget is issued as legal tender under the Australian Currency Act of 1965. The coin also shows an image of Queen Elizabeth II and the 2011 year-date on the obverse.

Do you want one? No more than 1500 of these coins will be released so they are likely to become collector’s items by bullion aficionados in the years to come.

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